Sandy Whitney

Having been born and living in the great state of Ohio and the Columbus area all my life, I can’t
imagine living any other place. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be a Buckeye?

As a child, even though I went to church with my siblings, I didn’t understand God, Jesus and
especially the Holy Spirit. Then something happened the summer I turned 17 that changed my
life. Sitting on a picnic table with Harry, looking up into the night sky, he said, “God if you are
real, show us a sign.” All of a sudden, a huge bright light streaked across the sky, as if to say,
YES, I’M REAL AND I’M HERE! We were both amazed that the God we had heard about
answered us! Together we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior at a concert the year we
graduated High School. I married that sweet man 46 years ago and Harry and I are blessed to
be the parents of two amazing adult children Melissa and Ben. We call our daughter’s pets our
‘furry four-legged grandchildren’.

Twenty-four years ago, I accepted the position of secretary at ECCC. The retiring secretary,
Martha Hays, took me under her wing, taught me how to use the computer and how to manage
a church office. Seven years ago, Vineyard Christian Church was born, and life in the office has
been full speed ahead ever since! Using my skillset along with my love of people has been a
true privilege. I am blessed with great joy when I’m serving people, loving on people, seeing
sadness turn into gladness and watching the ones I love draw closer to God.

God transforms His children through surrender and obedience, and with the encouragement of
my pastors, I am a student of the School of Kingdom Ministry and loving every moment of it!
What is next Lord?