Richard Reiter

Richard W. Reiter was born and raised in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Ohio Christians overlook that
fact of his life.

Raised in a Baptist Church pastored by his father, Richard came into a genuine relationship with
Jesus in 1974.

Richard says, “even though I believed God existed and the Bible was God’s autobiography I
didn’t know God. I was really an agnostic.’

After responding yes to God in 1978, Richard entered pastoral ministry.

Ministry eventually took him and his wife to New Jersey and then Columbus, Ohio.

Richard is a seasoned personal evangelist, church planter and teacher.

Another defining moment n Richard’s life was when he encountered the power of God like never
before. “A whole new understanding of God’s power and purpose came to my life,” says
Richard. “I will never regret that.”

Richard is a husband to Linda, the father of two adult sons, Jonathan and Nathan, and
grandfather to five amazing grandchildren.

Richard. currently lives in Columbus, Ohio where he serves as a co-pastor with Linda in The
Vineyard Christian Church.

Richard’s passion is to take atheists and agnostics from anywhere to help them open up their
life to invite the Holy Trinity in.