Dr. Derrick Shelton

Dr. Derrick Shelton has over 20 years of experience in the field of education. He has served as a
special education teacher, principal, superintendent, and several other positions in various
school systems.

Throughout his career Dr. Shelton has served as a Regional Vice President, Regional Operations
Manager, Regional Operations Director, and Executive Vice President. His experience spans
across various states to include Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and New York.
As an Executive Director he managed 14 schools throughout the state of Florida.

Dr. Shelton recently transitioned from the position of Superintendent of the Columbus Arts &
Technology Academy (CATA), and a Regional Vice President of additional schools in Ohio, to the
position of Principal at Reynoldsburg City Schools. Dr. Shelton has dedicated his life to being a
positive change agent, and he is committed to ensuring that children receive a high quality
education. His commitment is driven by an indelible desire to change the face of education.
That said, Dr. Shelton models the importance of education by continuing his educational
journey. To that end, he completed his MBA, and his Doctorate degree in Educational
Leadership at the University of Phoenix.

Through his servant spirit, Dr. Shelton has served in many roles at several different churches.
He has served as an usher, as a member of youth ministry teams, on a media team as camera
operator and technical director, in the capacity of church security, and as a Stephen Ministry
lay-minister. Presently Dr. Shelton serves as a Church Council Member, and as a School of
Kingdom Ministry facilitator. He continues to advance is spiritual education through courses
such as Knowing Your Spiritual Gifts, SOMA, and through several Beth Moore studies. After
years of running and denying the call of God, Dr. Shelton recently accepted his calling to
become a minister. To that end, he was recently named the Executive Pastor for Vineyard
Christian Church. As Dr. Shelton puts it, To God be the Glory for reluctant obedience.