COVID-19 and The Vineyard

Temporarily ALL our gatherings will be ONLINE ONLY during COVID-19. All other in person gatherings are cancelled. These are extraordinary opportunities that we are living through. To stay connected and safe the Leadership Team has decided that, until further notice, we will be holding our Sunday Service ONLINE only. This is a safe and important way to remain functional.

Dear Vineyard Family,

If you know of someone in our church without internet access, please let us know. Other arrangements for communication can be made.

We will go LIVE each Sunday at 10:30am on the church Facebook page and YouTube. You can go directly to our FB church page (vccoh) or there is a LIVE link on our main page. We will have updates, announcements, worship, and learn from the word of God.


We want to be practical during these days in being the hands and feet of Jesus. If you have any need, as listed below, please contact us at or call 614.861.6220.

– Running errands

– Groceries

– Prescriptions

– Meals

Our primary way to disseminate information in the weeks to come are:

– The church website

– The church Facebook page

– Email from Vineyard Christian Church

Please monitor these often and regularly for updates.


In anticipation of people needs in the Vineyard and the ongoing financial obligations of the church operational ministry plan we recommend several ways to continue giving:

– Mail your check to Vineyard Christian Church 1055 McNaughten Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43213

– Set up Vineyard Christian Church on your Bill Pay through your bank (just like you would do your mortgage/rent, utilities, etc.) No fee involved.

– Use Zelle or something comparable, through your bank to continue giving. No fees.

– Text the amount you will give to 614.300.7559. There is a cost for the church to use this format.

– Go to our website and give:  There is a cost for the church to use this format.

Whichever your preference to give, we appreciate your tithes and offerings to continue coming in (or maybe you are giving for the first time) – we thank you.  This helps us to be able to pay the bills that keep coming even when we are not able to meet in person. 


We have established some patterns Monday-Friday. These check in and encouragement times are fun and uplifting.

– 12pm is a Facebook live devotional. Use the church Facebook page (vccoh).

– 1pm is a tele-conference call for those without Facebook. The number to call  is (712) 775-7031. At the prompt enter 756 404 785 and then the #.  

– 7pm is a Facebook Live for those in the Vineyard Flock group This is for everyone in the church. Please accept your invitation.  If you haven’t received an invitation and are on FB, please send a message through messenger or email us at so that we can send you an invite

– Monday 7pm women’s study. ZOOM conference call. (All women are invited to participate. To receive an invitation, email

– Tuesday 10am Men’s study. ZOOM conference call. (All men are invited to participate.  To receive an invitation, email

– Wednesday 12:30pm co-ed study. ZOOM conference call. (All invited to participate.  To receive an invitation, email

– Friday Bonfire Youth. Google Hangout. Contact Jason York. (To be included, please contact Jason

We urge you to stay connected. As the church we have a great opportunity NOW.

We can grow relationally together.

We can meet one another’s needs.

We can pray for the elimination of COVID-19.

We can pray healing for others in and outside the body of Christ.

We can be optimistic and share our HOPE, JESUS, with our neighbors.

We are here for such a time as this.

This crisis is a blink of what some of our parents and grandparents experienced during the Great Depression in 1929. Now we are getting a taste of hardship and inconvenience.

Now is the time for God’s people to shine the Light. Be a witness for Jesus. Encourage others by sharing your testimony of how Jesus is walking with you through all this without panic.

So remember.

Join us Sunday at 10:30am for our online service. 

Join us in other online experiences during the week.

Most of all; Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you. Joshua 1:9

We love you all,

Pastors Linda and Richard